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To Accelerate The Development Of Semiconductor Lighting    2013-05-05
China's semiconductor lighting market researchfrom CCID Consultingshowed that with the strong national policy to promote manufacturing costs down and luminous efficiency related technologies continue to make breakthroughs, China's semicondu

In 2015 Chinese Electronic Components Sales May Be Up To 5 T    2013-05-05
In 2012 , China's electronics manufacturing industry in total investment in fixed assets amounted to 202.7 billion yuan ; additional investment in fixed assets amounted to 145.74 billion yuan . 2013 January-February , China's electronics ma

At Quarter 1 Global Semiconductor Market Maintains Steady Gr    2013-05-05
U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has announced that in March 2013, the global semiconductor market sales reached $ 23.48 billion, compared with $ 23.23 billion in February increased by 1.1% compared to March 2012 of 23.28 billi

Global Semiconductor Market Is In Recovery    2013-05-05
Asia Pacific Vice President of Future Electronics,Charles Tan thinksthat in 2013 the global semiconductor market indeed picks up , some of the end-market demand stabilizes. He said that from the customer's order during Q1-Q2 ,at the second

LED Lighting Grows Again    2013-05-05
The increasing penetration of LED lighting, LED manufacturers also contributed to the lighting market started to seize. According to statistics, this year, LED lighting market value of approximately $ 2.6 billion (about 16 billion yuan), co

China Still Needs To Rely On Imports In Integrated Circuits    2013-05-05
IC is one of 20 national strategic emerging industries , it has been less than 20% in self-sufficiency rate. After rapid development for 10 years , integrated circuit industry still faces many pressures and challenges in order to maintain a

Wuhan Competes For Third Position Of Semiconductor    2013-05-05
Global electronic design automation (EDA) industry's leader, Synopsys established global intellectual property (IP) research and development center in Wuhan which was recently opened. East Lake High-tech Zone area is expected Synopsys is ex

Taiwan And The Mainland Have Decline In LED Prices    2013-05-05
According to global market research firm's latest LED bulbs retail price survey, that in April 2013 the global LED bulbs retail prices continued to show a downward trend. Global replaced 40W LED bulbs retail price drop of about 5.7 percent,

LED Packaging Leads Recovery At Q2    2013-05-05
Because excessive upfront investment, LED industry overcapacity problems could not be resolved. Into 2013, with the arrival of the tender period, the first performance of the company losses downstream, upstream company is still in excess ca

LED Market Expansion Plans Are Frequent    2013-05-05
Capital market is constantly changing. Not long ago, Shenzhen LED industry planning annulled message also was worried about the prospects for the industry on the LED, or even a LED fear into the next PV pessimistic views. Today, LED quickly

In 2012 Global Semiconductor Industry Falled 2.2% In Revenue    2013-05-05
Market research firm ?IDC released the latest Semiconductor Applications Forecast report to show that the global semiconductor industry revenue in 2012 fell 2.2% to $ 295 billions. At second half of 2012, the global semiconductor industry

LED Lighting Industry Is Of Recovery    2013-05-05
Industry boom isin the upward recovery phase. March is an important turning point, Taiwanese manufacturers generally revenues are from negative to positive. And April Sales data continues to improve, order visibility extended to one and a h

In 2013 Seoul Semiconductor LED Revenue Is Estimated To Grow    2013-05-05
In 2012 driven by launch of direct type LEDTV with low prices and marketing of LED lighting, the LED industry benefits.Lighting markets continue to expandin energy efficiency and subsidies governments enacted policies , Seoul Semiconductor

Chinese Semiconductor Industry Meets Obstacles In Developmen    2013-05-05
In 2012top 10 Chinesedesign firms' total sales reached 23.117 billion yuan, 2.97 billion yuan more than last year. The total sales of 10 companiesaccounted 33.97% of sum total industry sales , 31.76% increase over last year's 2.21 percent.W

LED Prices Fall To Lead Shortage    2013-05-05
According to the latest survey, the global regional marketsof LED bulbs merchandise items in March are not added much, the original commodity prices show steady downward trend. Global replaced 40W LED bulbs retail price in March 2013 showed

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