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The Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Becomes A Burden    2013-05-05
In recent years, the semiconductor manufacturing business is increasingly becoming a heavy burden of major companies, excluding giant Intel, Samsung, for example, AMD will have to split the manufacturing business, Hitachi also can not escap

The Global Semiconductor Equipment Shipments In The Third qu    2013-05-05
SEMI recently released the latest statistics TO show that at the third quarter of 2012, the global semiconductor equipment shipments amount reached $ 9.06 billion, down 12% compared to the second quarter of this year, and down 15% over the

In 2012 Only China and South Korea Have Positive Growth In P    2013-05-05
According to the analyst of market research, Nakahara, PCB output value of Chinain 2012 may have single-digit growth, while other countries are experiencing negative growth, but excluding South Korea.In 2012 shipments of production equipmen

Semiconductor Suppliers Will Not Usher A Brighter Holiday Sa    2013-05-05
According to tracking report from the semiconductor manufacturing IHSiSuppli on supply market , the global economic downturn has brought pressure which will result in annual global semiconductor revenue contraction. Semiconductor revenue wi

At Q3 Of 2012 Global Semiconductor Equipment Shipments Drop    2013-05-05
The global semiconductor industry chain has experienced a certain degree of difficulty in 2012, the equipment field is no exception. SEMI recently released data to show that in the third quarter of 2012, the global semiconductor equipment s

Qualcomm Has Contrarian Growth    2013-05-05
According to the latest report released by the U.S. market research firm ,HSiSuppli, at least from the current Qualcomm's semiconductor business in 2012, maintained a strong growth momentum, and will continue in the future. In this year's t

The Turnover Of Global Semiconductor Will Have Recession For    2013-05-05
This year, the economy is worse than the original estimate, so it is necessary to once again revised down global semiconductor turnover, it is estimated this year's turnover will be $ 303 billion (NT $ 8.82 trillion), compared with $ 310 bi

Texas Instruments Forecasts At Fourth-quarter Sales Will Be    2013-05-05
The world's largest analog chip maker, Texas Instruments released the latest fourth-quarter sales forecast yesterday. The predictive value of the company is 2.89-3.01 billion U.S. dollars, consistent with analysts' average forecast $ 2.95 b

Hitachi Will Not Produce Semiconductor Chips In 2014    2013-05-05
Hitachi today announces an unexpected decision,from March 31, 2014, Hitachi's Information and Communication Systems Micro Devices sector will stop manufacturing any semiconductor chip. In the future, Hitachi manufacturing sector will gradua

The Global Semiconductor Market May Have Negative Growth In    2013-05-05
Since the international financial crisis in 2008, the development of the global economy has been shrouded in the shadow of the crisis. Although the strong rebound in domestic and international semiconductor market in 2010, but just a flash

In 2015 The Integrated Circuit Production Value Will Reach 5    2013-05-05
On December 6, the person in charge of the Commission from Chongqing Chinese IC design industry revealed in development forum of Chongqing integrated circuits in 2012, it is expected in 2015, Chongqing's IC industry output will reach 500 bi

Qualcomm Says Smartphones Chip Shortage Is Basically Solved    2013-05-05
Qualcomm said today that with enhancementof yieldfrom Samsung, TSMC, Qualcomm's smartphone chip shortage problem has been basically solved. The COO of Qualcomm, Steven Moline Krakow said in an interview in Hong Kong,chip shortages have beco

The Global Semiconductor Equipment Market In 2012 Amounts To    2013-05-05
SEMICONwas holdon January 5,organizer, SEMI first announced year-end forecast for the semiconductor capital equipment spending report (SEMI Semiconductor Equipment Consensus Forecast) ,it is estimated the global semiconductor equipment reve

Demand Growth Of Rigid-Flex Board Will Be Further Increased    2013-05-05
PCB manufacturer, Unimicron Electronics, the Unitech and Compeq expect the Flex PCB demand (especially from the smartphone application market) will havethe momentum for further growth in 2013. Insiders said that overall revenue in the third

Semiconductor Manufacturer Invests In MEMS Foundry Industry    2013-05-05
Based on the development of differentiated platform as competitive strategy, coupled with government policies ofsubsidies, most of the foundry industry has gradually give up the struggle with the first foundry industry in nanoscale advanced

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