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Intelligent control brings bright future of LEDs    2013-05-05
Compared with conventional light sources, LED has the characteristics of intelligent control. The key of Combination of LED and lighting control is the flexibility and artistry. Through intelligent control, LEDs can achieve the mix of light

Infineon releases TPM chip    2013-05-05
Infineon Technologies AG announced recently that the company released Trusted Platform Module(TPM) chip to meet the devices with Chrome OS from Google. TPM is an integral part of a security architecture for Google Chromebook . Infineon beco

Development Of LEDs In China    2013-05-05
At present LEDs are very hot in China.Many people think that the LED is the new product appeared some years ago, but the truth is some people started LED-related industry early in the 1970s.The LED industrialization happened in the eighties

Sales Of global Chip Was $ 24.7 Billion In June    2013-05-05
According to the latest data released by U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA),sales of global chip reached $ 24.7 billion in June this year.Compared with $ 25 billion in May, it was down 1.2%, but it fell 0.4 percent to the same mo

Efforts of Japan's earthquake on the Chinese PCB industry    2013-05-05
Japan earthquake will bring orders for printed circuit board, IC board and flexible board industry on both sides of the Strait.Japan PCBs are around with Tokyo,the earthquake did not bring a big impact on the PCB industry, but still bring s

PCB production value in Asia accounted for 88% of global sha    2013-05-05
Recently, according to reports from foreign medias, according to statistics of NTInformatiON , the global PCB achieved arapid development in 2010. The g lobal PCB output value reached $ 55 billion in 2010,North America accounted for $ 3.33

Global LCD Panels Loss About $ 13 billion Within 6 Years    2013-05-05
It is estimated that from 2004 to 2010, manufacturers for LCD panels lost about $ 13 billion actually. Analysts Moore (Alberto Moel) called this the big shift of value from shareholders to the consumer. Obviously, this situation can not be

Prices Rising Of PCB-related Products After The Earthquake    2013-05-05
PCB (epoxy printed circuit board) related products are rising quickly after the Japanese earthquake.Earthquake will lead to a worldwide shortage of semiconductors and semiconductor price changes.According to issued investment informationby

Situation Of China LED Lighting Industry    2013-05-05
The professionals forecast the traditional incandescent light will exit the market, LED lighting will become the mainstream lighting market..China's LED industry output will reach 180 billion yuan in 2011. Faced with such a great opportunit

Golden age of LEDs    2013-05-05
LEDs have full access to traditional lighting LED. According to Japanese media reports, sales of LED lighting products accounted for 42.3% of total sales in the fourth week of May 2011, this is the first time the LEDs sales are more than in

Sustained and steady development of PCBs    2013-05-05
Theirreplaceability and necessity of PCBs in electronic products determine downstream applications. Overall, the PCBs are mainly used in the field of computer, communications, consumer electronics which is in charge of 70% for PCB applicati

The room of Polymer Solid Capacitors industry    2013-05-05
The development of electronic circuit electrolytic capacitor has ?? new demand for electrolytic capacitors , the liquid electrolytic capacitors can not meet the technical needs of the product . Solid polymer capacitors have obvious adva

The Gobal PCB Industry Sales Of Is Approximately $ 60.3 Billions In 2012    2013-05-05
According to the World Electronic Circuits Council the WECC Association report as well as the global electronics circuit expert survey, the global PCB industry in 2012 is affected by the political and economic environment and the sluggish growth of t...

LED Industry Is Expected To Pick Up Rapidly    2013-05-05
According to 21 reports this year, the international environment is improved, domestic policy support, LED industry has the trend to pick up, industry experts even predict that in August this year there will be the outbreak period. Compared with the ...

Performance Of Analog IC Manufacturer    2013-05-05
In past years of Analog IC market, how many ups and downs, the global economic instability,2012 is one of the worst year. According to the market research agency , Databean the statistics show that in 2012 analog IC revenue was of less than $ 40 bill...

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