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LED Lamps Are Expected To Become A New Opportunity For The    2013-05-05
With respect to the LED lighting and commercial lighting projects in full swing, LED home lighting is relatively deserted, however, LED lamps for indoor lighting an important auxiliary tool, its development is an entirely different story. N

Hitachi Will Reorganize Power Semiconductor Business    2013-05-05
Hitachi announcedonJune 11, 2013 to transfer its power semiconductor business to subsidiaries on October 1- Hitachi original cho electronics industry, building from design, manufacturing to sales of the train system. Divided by the company,

China LED Chip Industry Has Serious Overcapacity    2013-05-05
According to global market research firm, TrendForce's Green Energy Division LEDinside survey from last August, the two sides have occurred at least five cases from the LED chip industry consolidation, including through the equity transfer

Global Semiconductor Market's Forecast Analysis During 2013-    2013-05-05
Affected by declinedtraditional PC industry in the second half2012, the semiconductor industry, which appear small scale fluctuations. Into 2013, the market institutions predict that China will lead the next two years, the semiconductor mar

Replacements Of LED Lights In America And Europe Will Come    2013-05-05
With the global carbon reduction for the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, LED lighting demands gradually rise, compared to consumers replace their own from home lighting needs brought by the government-led street light replaceme

Opportunities Coexist With The Crisis For LED Lightings    2013-05-05
In the low global economy of the environment, many industries are at risk. The LED lighting industry, thanks to state and local subsidies have been introduced, it is a thriving appearance. In Lamps, large supermarket identified as LED light

South Korean Develops Bent Semiconductor    2013-05-05
According to Yonhap May 7 news , the Korean Science and Technology Institute (KAIST) said South Korea KAIST new materials science professor , Li Jianzai leads research team recently to develop a flexible panel's core components - bendable h

The Output Value Of Taiwan's Semiconductor Is Heating In 201    2013-05-05
Information Institute for Information Industry (MIC) estimates that the smart phones and tablet computers, smart handheld devices stimulated the rapid growth this year, the performance of Taiwan's semiconductor industry will grow quarter by

Driving China's Semiconductor Drives Growth Of Electronic Eq    2013-05-05
In 2012, the complex international economic environment, China's economy has also some new situations and changes. Industrial economic operation in general since the second half of 2011 continued the trend of slowing down and showing a sign

WSTS Cuts Forecast Of Global Semiconductor Industry Sales Gr    2013-05-05
While announces the weak performance of global semiconductor sales in April , the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) quoted the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization' released figures that the organization has

LED Sales Accounts For Over 40% This Year    2013-05-05
Reporters learned from the TCL,for the popularity of LED lighting, TCL will actively cooperate with the government, and promote LED lighting standards for the establishment and improvement; comprehensive science promotion of LED lighting, p

LED Lighting Could Usher Spring After Occupying Rural Market    2013-05-05
Since early this year, LED lighting market demand for downstream applications continues to grow rapidly than expected, directly contributing to the midstream and upstream epitaxial chip packaging capacity quickly digest, some companies even

2012 Is Worst Year Of Analog IC    2013-05-05
In the past few years, the global economic instability leads to the analog IC market many ups and downs, but 2012 is worst year. According to market research agency databeans statistics ,that in 2012 the analog IC revenues of less than $ 40

Global Semiconductor Industry Revenue Is Down 2.2% In 2012    2013-05-05
Market research firm IDC released the latest Semiconductor Applications Forecast.Second half of 2012, the global semiconductor industry appears slow. This is mainly because the PC, phone and digital television and other areas of decreased c

Industrial Semiconductor Giant Declines In Revenue    2013-05-05
IHSiSuppli company in May 2013 released the latest research report which shows that in 2012, the industrial semiconductor market revenue of $ 30.15 billion intotal, of which the first 10 vendors (four American, four Japanese and two Europea

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