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Hot Orders Of IPhone 4S For Mourning Steve Jobs    2013-05-05
According to foreign reports, in memory of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, the enthusiasm of people to buy iPhone4S is continuing hot. According to Bloomberg and other U.S. media reports, iPhone4S was sold out in less than a day which began pre-sale

Orders Of Semiconductor Plant Rely On Apples At The Fourth Q    2013-05-05
Orders of semiconductor plant in the fourth quarter have finally been finalized, both the wafer fab and packaging and testing plant, only the related orders with Apple iPhone4S and iPad3 to be launched early next year are in good condition,

Frank Tillner Is The New CEO Of OSRAM Opto new Chief Operati    2013-05-05
Since October 1, 2011, Osram Opto Semiconductors will have new senior management team members. Born in Aachen, Germany',Frank Tillner (51 years) will take over the company's headquarters which is located in Regensburg, instead of former chi

LED Street Light Topps In LED Market    2013-05-05
Chinese led market covers a variety of applications, including LED displays, traffic lights, car lights, LCD backlighting, keypad, digital camera flash, decorative lighting, street lights and general lighting.Driven by government support an

Global Shipments Of LED And TV Will Be Increased 66% Next Ye    2013-05-05
Because of the negative impact, Merrill Lynch revises forecast of growth for the global television this year,the TV industry this year no longer has double-digit shipment growth, even decline 3% than last year, in 2012 it will have shown ze

LED industry hopes government grants to promote    2013-05-05
As the countries have subsidy policy in LED, from the R D subsidies, public subsidies,the dress subsidy policies to stimulate the consumer market, including mainland China, South Korea and Japan actively revise financial aid policy to promo

Inventory Adjustments Of Semiconductor Will Be Continued Unt    2013-05-05
Semiconductor manufacturers have previously declared in the third quarter customer would adjust inventory which also results in not busy season, at the end of the third quarter, september, the general market expectations, inventory levels s

Global Output Of LED Lighting Is Expected To Reach $ 10 Bill    2013-05-05
According to Taiwan's ITRI IEK data,it shows that in 2010 the global LED replacement light source (LED-bulb-based) value (market size) is of about 10.8 billion U.S. dollars, it is estimated it will be up to $ 2.2 billion in 2011, the annual

ST Cooperates With Microsoft On Development Of Sensors    2013-05-05
ST Microelectronics (STMicroelectronics, referred to as ST) developes man-machine interface device (HID) sensor solutions which can support Windows8 systems with Microsoft. The cooperation between ST Microelectronics and Microsoft shows tha

Sales Of LED In August Decreased 18.9%    2013-05-05
As sales in the end applications are far from the expected one, and LEDs decline in value too fast,clients are eager to reduce inventory of components, the total revenue of listed OTC Taiwan LED makers in August this year is about 8.415 bil

Sales Of China's Auto Electronics In 2011 Will Grow By Nearl    2013-05-05
According to research reports from IHSiSuppli, sales of China's auto electronics market in 2011 will reach $ 19.2 billion, compared with $ 17.5 billion last year, it is up by 9.7%.Nearly double-digit sales growth shows that China's auto ele

Semico Says Chip Market Of Semiconductor Will Decline 2% Thi    2013-05-05
Research firm of semiconductor industry, Semico Research recently cut its chip market forecast in 2011, they forecast sales in the market will be less the 2 percent than in 2010. The agency previously forecasted chip market growth rate in 2

Matsushita Investments 17 Billion Yen In Vietnam To Build P    2013-05-05
Panasonic's Panasonic electronic components (PanasonicElectronicDevices) announced that, due to favorable demand for smart phones will be showed a significant growth, so the company will invest 17 billion yen in Vietnam to build a printed c

Capital Spending Of Semiconductor In 2011 Reached The Highes    2013-05-05
According to reports from the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI),capital spending of global semiconductor industry in 2011 increased to $ 41.1 billion, which created the highest record,SEMI estimated th

The Second Half Of 2011 Is Still Optimistic In The Semicondu    2013-05-05
Created by the analyst Bill Jewell ,Semiconductor Intelligence pointed out, the electronics industry is still optimistic at the second of 2011, but the agency will revise growth forecast of chip market in 2011 from the original 9% to 4%. Je

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