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LED In Shenzhen Accounts For Half Of Industry    2013-05-05
Shenzhen is one of earliest and fastest growing cities in domestic semiconductor lighting industry. According to statistics, until 2011, there are about 1500 enterprises engaged in semiconductor lighting technology and product development,

Telecom IC Has Highest Growth In 2012    2013-05-05
ICInsights pointed out while the overall IC market growth rate in 2012 is expected to be down 1%, but there are still nine production categories are expected to appear positive growth, of which the top three are related to the telecommunica

Japanese CMK Reduces Production Scale Through Layoffs    2013-05-05
Circuit board manufacturer in Japan, CMK announced plans of implementation of the voluntary early retirement, the goal is the abolition of 250 employees (retirement effective date is December 31), accounting for approximately 4% of CMK's ov

Shanghai IC Industry Greatly Increases    2013-05-05
Four major integrated circuit industry sector in Shanghai IC design industry has become the industry leader. Reporters yesterday from Shanghai Silicon Intellectual Property Exchange was informed that in the first half of this year, domestic

China's IC Poduction Is More Than 63 Billions During January    2013-05-05
The competitiness of China's IC industry is weak in the global market, highly depend on external. Under domestic and international economic environment, the operation of the domestic electronic information industry, and their own inventory

ON Semiconductor Provides More Advanced ASIC And ASSP Produc    2013-05-05
Cooperation with leading foundry could help 65nm and 40nm process technology be used for industrial and military electronics. The primary high-performance silicon solutions supplier, ON Semiconductor (ONSemiconductor, the U.S. Nasdaq: ONNN)

In 2013 Output Value Of Global Ic Design Is Expected To Grow    2013-05-05
Assistant Manager of Topology Semiconductor Research Center, Chen Lanlan estimates in IC design market 2013. She pointed out that next year in addition to benefiting from the strong growth of the smart phone and tablet, related applications

Global PCB Grew About 2.4%    2013-05-05
IPC-International Association Connecting Electronics Industries recently released report of global PCB production in 2011. The report shows that last year the global printed circuit board (PCB) grew by 2.4%, the output value was over 59 bil

LED Lighting Is Lack Of Standard    2013-05-05
Lighting industry concerns about LED lighting national standards (CNS) is not released, the Ministry of Economic Affairs intend grant to two hundred dollars for household LED bulbs,to fear of bad money drives out good money, themanufacturer

At Q2 Chip Market Demand Declines Due To World Economy    2013-05-05
IHS iSuppli say that the downturn of the market economy in Europe and the United States as well as China's manufacturing slowdown have a direct impact on the semiconductor chip sales for the second quarter of this year. On the current situa

Intel And ARM Are Into White-hot Competition    2013-05-05
The competition of Chip manufacturing industry continues to heat up, to create a faster, and the pursuit of more power-saving chip is becoming increasingly severe. Some analysts believe that the contract chip maker, GlobalFoundries develop

Gartner Reduces Growth Of Semiconductor For This Year And Ne    2013-05-05
The executive vice president of market research firm, John Barber said original forecast for 2013 global semiconductor revenue is up to about $ 346 billion, harvest is up to 8.6%, but Now it seems that in 2013 PC and DRAM have opportunities

The Market Of LED Is Increasingly Open    2013-05-05
At present,Led lights has become the trend of globalization, countries around the world develop related support policies of led lighting, and actively promote the development of led lighting industry. It is reported that, in developed regio

Next Year May Be Golden Year Of Global Semiconductor Industr    2013-05-05
While the global semiconductor industry had a growth of32%in 2010, in 2011 and 2012, two consecutive years of growth at 1%, some people in the industry predict in accordance with the law of the cyclical semiconductor industry ,in 2013 it wi

STMicroelectronics Expand Customer Base With Diversity    2013-05-05
At the end of August, CEO of STMicroelectronics (ST) ,Carlo Bozottisaid since 7 years for being CEO, the most significant change to bringis a growth, Less, that is to increase R D investment and reduce manufacturing expenses for the ST team

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