Forecast Of Semiconductor Market In 2014
Date: 2014-02-14
In 2013 , IC industry has made progress in core technology development and industrialization, crack and other aspects of funding and integration challenges : domestic high-performance CPU successfully applied the "Milky Way II" and other supercomputers , domestic sales of C-Core SoC chip based on more than one one hundred million ; SMIC achieve sustained profitability , violet acquisition Spreadtrum Communications , RDA , industrial pattern changed dramatically ; " promote the development of the integrated circuit industry Outline" forthcoming, the establishment of industrial investment fund will alleviate the problem of financing. Based on 2013 developments , experts predict that by 2014 China's semiconductor industry , or have a better performance. According to iSuppli forecasts , driven by consumer demand , the consumer electronics market will continue to grow steadily, with annual sales growth of 3 billion -180 billion by 2014 more than 385 billion U.S. dollars ; addition, automotive electronics, lighting electronics, intelligent appliances , medical important applications of semiconductor and electronics , has become an important driving force for industrial development. As the most influential professional exhibition of electronic equipment - 2014NEPCON Western Electronics Show vendors registration and related activities of the organization to see , IC industry is undoubtedly 2014 's hot spots. In recent years, the industrial structure to accelerate the pace of upgrading coastal , central and western regions just in the critical period from the early to mid- industrialization change to accelerate the process of industrialization led to a breakthrough in the rapid development of the local economy , the central and western provinces and autonomous regions as a strategic stage focus .The pattern of the integrated circuit industry in the world is constantly adjusted based on the case of the domestic IC industry and investment environment continues to improve , our deployed in Chengdu " integrated circuit industry base ." It is reported that in 2014 the western NEPCON Electronics Show area will reach 11,000 square meters , more than 200 exhibiting companies will jointly exhibit more than 1,000 electronic equipment and related supplies. Besides the exhibition for the first time set up a "IC IC Zone " involving consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, communications, industrial control and safety devices , automotive electronics , medical, test and measurement, aviation and maritime , military equipment , MEMS RF , microwave control MCU interfaces, bus , power , new energy , photovoltaic and display, packaging , conversion processor , DSP networks, embedded design , EMI and other IC applications.
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