IBM Is Said To Sell Semiconductor Business
Date: 2014-02-13

Just sold out low-end server business to Lenovo Group at the sale of $ 2.3 billion, the industry was rumored that IBM is considering the sale of its semiconductor manufacturing business. In this regard , the industry agreed that , IBM 's series of sell burdens action is to give the big data and cloud computing transformation in order to adapt to the mobile Internet era . However, this action has been suffering from a lack of core technology of China's semiconductor industry, it is an excellent opportunity for development. Recently, news that IBM has hired investment bank Goldman Sachs , for its semiconductor manufacturing business looking for potential buyers. Currently IBM has not decided whether to sell the semiconductor manufacturing business , there may be looking for a partner to start a joint venture semiconductor manufacturing business. Industry news immediately triggered a consistent concern. Acquisition of IBM semiconductor manufacturing operations , will enable Hass and IBM can form IDM model, product competitiveness Hass has a positive effect. Currently IBM is still the next generation semiconductor manufacturing process FDSOI leader. Semiconductor process technology has entered the "1x" era , 20nm process has the following two lines : one is Intel's FinFET3D process , the other one is the IBM -led , ST Micronelectronics, Global Foundries and other added FDSOI technology. Currently two technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages , are in constant progress stage , it is difficult to say who will certainly win. ST Micronelectronics recently announced that it will offer outside of FDSOI 28nm foundry services .In addition, IBM also deepened partnership with AMD, Apple , Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony and some other companies to help them make better use of IBM 's semiconductor technology , SMIC 32nm manufacturing process technology is accepted IBM output. Thus, the lack of core patented technology of China's semiconductor industry, the sale of IBM 's semiconductor division will be an excellent opportunity for development. Gu Wenjun , chief analyst at iSuppli semiconductor would strongly recommend that Huawei 's acquisition of IBM 's semiconductor manufacturing business , Huawei Hass noted that many chips , especially the ASIC chip , manufactured by IBM; while the majority of IBM manufacturing capacity is also provided by Huawei Hass ; sides have a long-term , a strong basis for cooperation , Huawei focuses on the development of the whole industry chain model occasion , semiconductor manufacturing is currently missing Huawei , IBM acquired semiconductor manufacturing operations , will enable Hass and IBM can form IDM model, product competition Hass force to enhance intellectual property protection and development of dedicated chips have a more active role .

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