LED Gets Rid Of " Miserable Business "
Date: 2014-02-14
Because the LED backlight , lighting needs go up a comprehensive , Everlight's chairman, Yeyin Fu said in February it seems no signs of weakening , in first quarter revenue is expected to surpass last year's fourth quarter , Yeyin Fu did not disclose growth rate , but on a billion light -quarter revenue to 6.758 billion yuan ( NT , the same below ) hit the second highest this season in the major increase in product demand glance , will have the opportunity to challenge the off-season hit a new record high .Yeyin Fu yesterday to participate in the promotion of Finance Legislation Legislative Finance Summit organized by the hospital , said this year's LED industry optimistic about the economy , he said , LED industry has been classified as a tragic dilemma of the four industry has passed this year, regardless of price or demand are comprehensive walk l , especially in LED lighting, growing faster than demand last year , he believes there are opportunities for Everlight quarter revenue over the fourth quarter of last year . As for prices , this year is expected to only stable and not fall .Yeyin Fu would not comment on the growth rate of the first quarter , but he believes the number of working days in February , although fewer variables , but there appears to be no signs of weakening , so the first quarter revenues tend to be optimistic. Yeyin Fu analysis LED backlight market , the domestic LED backlight EMS factory into the field , with production plants in mainland carve out LCD , LED backlight demand will inspire , LED backlight market looking up ; gap between price and energy saving lighting lamps have significantly compressed , consumers have reached an acceptable price. Yesterday Yeyin Fu in the meeting room still advocate the concept of energy saving , compared to incandescent light bulbs , fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps , LED bulbs saving effect of 85 %, 50 %, and Taiwan use LED bulbs will save 34 billion a year degree electricity , the equivalent of a nuclear , nuclear two, three plants total nuclear generating capacity a year ; in the mainland can be saving 8,500 billion kWh , is a very good energy-saving products. Everlight January this year, revenue reached 2.107 billion yuan , compared with December last year, only to decline 6.79% , 2 to 3 months as long as the average revenue fell about 2.3 billion yuan , the first -quarter revenue would close in the fourth quarter , Everlight sales of new single- season high in the third quarter of last year , to 6.989 billion yuan , the company released quarterly revenue growth to see the trend, in the first quarter of this year should have the opportunity to challenge the new high level .
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