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 Capacitor is a basic storage device to store electrical charges and release it as it is required by the circuit. Capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits to perform variety of tasks, such as smoothing, filtering, bypassing etc….
One type of capacitor may not be suitable for all applications. Ceramic capacitors are generally superior than other types and therefore can be used in a vast ranges of application. The following is the typical capacitor applications in electronic industries:
DC blocking capacitor: In this application the capacitor blocks the passage of DC current (after completely charged) and yet allows the AC to pass at certain portion of a circuit.
Capacitor as a filter: Capacitors are the main elements of filters. There are several types of filters that are used in electronic circuits, such as LPF (Low Pass Filter), HPF(high Pass Filter), BPF (Band Pass Filter), etc….
Since the reactance of the capacitor is inversely related to the frequency, therefore it can be used to increase or decrease the impedance of the circuit at certain frequencies and therefore does the filteration job.
Capacitor as a discharge unit: Capacitors used as a charging unit and the release of the charge (discharge energy) is used for triggering, ignition, and in high scale as a power source.
By Pass capacitor: The reactance of capacitor decreases as the frequency increases. Therefore in certain application it is used in parallel with other components to bypass it at a specified frequency.
Coupling capacitor: The ability of capacitor to pass AC signal, allows it to couple a section of an electronic circuit to another circuit.
Decoupling capacitor: In high speed electronic logic switching causes draw of significant amount of current which in turn would cause disturbance in the logic voltage level. Decoupling capacitor is typically located very close to the IC output and serves as a local energy source to provide the needed extra current and therefore minimizes the noise and disturbances to the logic signal.
Snubber capacitor: In some application, relays or SCR (Silicon controlled rectifier) are to drive a high inductance loads. In these circumstances, when the relay or the SCR opens, a major transient voltage could be induced in the contact of the relay or across the junction of SCR, which in turn either shows as an arc on the relay contacts or may damage the internal SCR junction. Therefore snubber capacitor is used to limit the high voltage transient across the circuit.
There are also other applications such as Tuned circuits, signal processing, etc…


Elecsound can offer Snap-in, large size type of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor . pls check carefully for below series:
CD291 Snap-In  General, Miniaturized 
CD292 Snap-In  General, Miniaturized 
CD293 Snap-In  General, Miniaturized 
CD295 Snap-In General, Miniaturized,    Longlife 
CD294 Snap-In 105oC,Miniaturized     
CD296 Snap-In 105oC,Miniaturized,Longlife 
CD297 Snap-In 105oC,Miniaturized,Longlife     
CD29S Snap-In 105oC,Laminated Case Series 
CD299 Snap-In 105oC,High Ripple Current,Longlife 
CD13 Lug General, Miniaturized     
CD17 Lug For Photo Flash 
CDIN Lug For Air Conditioner 
CDPC Lug,Snap-In For P.F.C Circuit    
CD135 Screw General, Miniaturized 
CD136 Screw 105oC,Longlife 
CD138 Screw Gerneral,Longlife 
CD135X Screw Miniaturized 
CD137 Screw Long life for inverter 
CD139 Screw 105oC,For inverter 
CD13L Screw Extra long life for inverter 
CD60 Lug For Motor Starting


Elecsoud offer many kinds for film capacitors. We offer polyester film capacitors and popypropylene film capacitor.  Radial and Axial type. below are our series. And we can offer speedy deliver with competitive prices. Do you need?  Pls try our price and quality. thanks
CL11 Polyester film capacitor
CL21 Metallized polyester film capacitor
CL21X Miniaturized metallized polyester film capacitor
CL62 Metallized polyester film capacitor for AC use
CBB13 Polypropylene film capacitor
CBB20 Axial-type metallized popypropylene film capacitor
CBB21 Metallized polypropylene film capacitor
CBB81 High-voltage Metallized polypropylene film capacitor
Metallized Polyproplene Film Capacitor X2


Better Price for SMD tantalum capacitors
Are you in need of tantalum capacitors? Did you loss some orders due to prices and lead time problem? Since last Feb the price for tantalum capacitors is increased a lot but now I can help you to solve the problem. Now we have strong offer for tantalum capacitors . We cut down our price for 10% to 25%. If you need tantalum capacitors pls believe that we are your best choice
Tantalum capacitors
CA42 Dipped Tantalum Capacitors
CA45 SMD Tantalum Capacitors


I got many enquiries from the our customers that they were interested in our capacitors. May I know if you are looking for it now or you need some other electronic components?I would like to inform you that there is an update about our products and price.


Now we have stock offer for below Tatalum Capacitor items. Quantity is 10kpcs and lead time is about 2 business days after payment got. Do you need any? If yes, please advise the qty you need and ask for price. I believe the price will be very competitive. And I will be very thankful if I can get your feedback by today.


Elecsound is a very good supplier for led products. We offer a wide range for led lamps. Such as SMD led, Led bar, indoor led, outdoor led display and also high power led.
LED Lamp 
EDL1 3.0 Elliptical LED
EDL2 3mm Cylindrical LED
EDL3 3mm Round LED
EDL4 3mm Bi-Color LED
EDL5 3mm Super Flux LED
EDL6 5mm Round LED
EDL7 5mm Backlighting LED
EDL8 5mm Bullet Type LED
EDL9 5mm Strawhat Type LED
EDL10 5mm Helmet Type LED
EDL11 5mm Short Cylindrical
EDL12 5mm long Cylindrical
EDL13 5mm Elliptical LED
EDL14 5mm Blinking LED
EDL15 5mm Multi-Color LED
EDL16 5mm Bi-Color LED
EDL17 5mm Infrared LED
EDL18 5mm Super Flux LED
EDL19 8mm Round LED
EDL20 10mm Round LED
EDL21 Photo Diode LED
EDL22 Flat top Super Flux LED
EDL23 Tower Type LED
EDL24 2×5 Rectangular Type


Elecsound can offer almost all kinds of chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor . our products are very high quality as Japan brand but much low prices than Japan brand. if you need pls check below info:

Ceramic capacitors

MLCC 9_副本.jpg

The type of chip capacitor that predominates because of its useful range is the multilayer ceramic chip (MLC). The basis of this structure is shown in Figure 3. In a typical process, thick film capacitor electrodes are screen printed onto sheets of doped barium titanate ceramic using an interleaved pattern. These sheets are stacked under pressure, dried, cut to size and sintered at a temperature around 1300°C. The electrodes must be of a metal with a melting point that is higher than the sintering temperature, and platinum (1774°C) or palladium (1552°C) are normally used.

Other capacitor types

MLCC 5_副本.jpg

The basic formula for a capacitor which you will remember from Electrolytic capacitors makes it clear that the value of a capacitor is proportional to the area of the plates, inversely proportional to their separation, and proportional to the dielectric constant of the material between the plates.


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