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Elecsound is a manufacturer of trimming potentiometers, pcbs, capacitors, leds and resistors

ET3540 WireWound Potentiometer

We have below Standard items for ET3540 22mm Wire Wound Potentiometers.
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-101   100 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-201   200 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-501   500 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-102   1000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-202   2000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-502   5000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-103   10000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-203   20000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-503   50000 ohm RoHS Elecsound
ET3540 WireWound Potentiometers ET3540S-2-104  100000 ohm RoHS Elecsound


ET3329 Cermet Trimming Potentiometer
Single-Turn/ Cermet/ Industrial/ Sealed
5 Terminal Styles (Ohms) Code
Rohs Compliant
Brand: Elecsound
Types: ET3329P, ET3329W, ET3329H, ET3329X and ET3329S


Elecsound Electornics is a manufacturer for below range of  cermet trimming potentiometers, we offer “Elecsound” brand with competitive price,  very speedy delivery and very high quality.  And our products are well crossed to Bourns Brand. for small qty we hold stock and for big qty lead time is 8–12 business days only.
3006  4.8×19 Rectangular/Multiturn/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3266  7.2×6.7 Square/Multiturn/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3296  10×9.5 Square/Multiturn/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3303 3mm SMD/Single Turn /cermet/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3306 6mm round/ Single Turn /cermet/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3309 6mm round/ Single Turn /cermet/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3318 6mm round/ Single Turn /Phenolic/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3323  7×7 Square/ Single Turn /Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3329  6.8×4.7 Circularity/ Single Turn /Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3362   7×7.2 Square/Single Turn/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3386   9.6×9.6 Square/ Single Turn /Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
3540 WireWound Potentiomet  Precision Multiturn
3590 22mm Precision Multiturn Wire Wound Potentiomet/Elecsound brand
PT105H  5×5 Single Turn /Phenolic/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
SM065 2.5×5 Single Turn /Phenolic/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand
SM085 4.7×10.25  Single Turn /Phenolic/ Industrial/Trimming Potentiometer/Elecsound brand


Axial Leads Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Features Wide capacitance, temperature , voltage and tolerance range;Industry sizes; Tape and Reel available for autoplacement.


Film capacitors are insulated with polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, or other dielectric materials. Polyester film capacitors offer a high dielectric constant and high dielectric strength with volumetric. Metallized polyester film provides excellent self-healing properties, allowing capacitors to withstand high-pulsed voltages without breaking the dielectric. Polycarbonate film capacitors offer very low temperature dependency, wide operating temperature range, good long-term stability and low losses. Polypropylene film capacitors provide very low losses, low dielectric absorption, and high dielectric strength. They also offer very high insulation resistance and negative temperature coefficient. Polystyrene film capacitors provide extremely low losses, low dielectric absorption, good long-term stability, very high insulation resistance and a small negative temperature coefficient.


A tantalum capacitor is comprised of a permeable tantalum center section surrounded by tantalum pentoxide. A tantalum wire is inserted into the center section and then extends axially from the component. The tantalum pentoxide layer is coated with manganese dioxide, graphite, a silver conductive coating and (finally) solder. Tantalum capacitors are a form of electrolytic capacitor. However, some forms of them are non-polar, containing two capacitors connected in series(negative to negative). In comparison with Aluminium electrolytic capacitors, they are for similar capacitance and volume ratings generally more expensive, with lower effective series resistance. They usually have longer life, especially at moderately elevated temperatures. For surface mount devices, they are generally smaller.


Ceramic capacitors are constructed with materials such as titanium acid barium used as the dielectric.Ceramic capacitors are normally used for radio frequency and some audio applications. Internally, these capacitors are not constructed as a coil, so they can be used in high frequency applications. Typically, they are used in circuits which bypass high frequency signals to ground.These capacitors have the shape of a disk. Their capacitance is comparatively small.


Electrolytic capacitors generally consist of wound-on layers of an anode foil,the surfaces of which may be roughened and which is provided with a dielectric oxide layer,a cathode foil and spacing means between the cathode and anode foil which is saturated with an operating electrolyte.An aluminum electrolytic capacitor is composed of a capacitor element formed by winding an anode foil and a cathode foil through a separator,an electrolyte solution for driving impregnating this capacitor element,a metal case containing this capacitor element,and an elastic sealing member sealing the metal case.In the case of requirement of reliability of aluminum electrolytic capacitor at high temperature and high humidity,the electrolyte for driving having a high electric conductivity and an excellent thermal stability is required.As a manufacturer of capacitor,elecsound can offer Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Electrolytic capacitors.


As a type of capacitor,bipolar electrolytic capacitors are with load life of 2000 hours at 85℃ and ideal for inconsistent polarity circuits.For bipolar electrolytic capacitors,a distinction is made between two construction types,raw and plain. In the raw model, the foil is etched in order to increase the surface area of the foil.Since the capacitance of a capacitor is proportional to the surface area, larger capacitances can be achieved in this way with the same material costs.Bipolar electrolytic capacitors are used where large capacitances are required cheaply.The higher electrical strength of the etched model allows it to be also used where plain electrolytic capacitors are not electrically strong enough and expensive foil capacitors are not an option. 

Polyester Film Metal Film Capacitor

As to capacitor,there are various kinds of styles,such as tantalum capacitor,ceramic capacitor,film capacitor and electrolytic capacitor,polyester film metal foil capacitor is one type of film capacitor.It is with Small size , light weight and low cost,high stability and reliability.Dissipation factor is small because the leads are directly welded to electrodes.It is widely used in DC and pulsating circuits of broadcasting and TV sets,Communication,equipment,monitor,energy-saving lamps and various electronic equipments technical.


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