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Elecsound is a manufacturer of trimming potentiometers, pcbs, capacitors, leds and resistors

0402 SMD Resistors

Elecsound can offer types of resistors. both SMD and axial and also dipped. we offer bulk pack.ammo pack and tape/reel.
Type: Axial, chip, radial and network
Series: Carbon film, fusible, metal film, metal oxide, wire wound, wire wound cement, etc.
Watt: 1/16W, 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W to 10W
Size: 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2010, 2512, 4x2MM, 6x2MM, 9x3MM, etc.
Resistance range: 1 ohm to 10M ohm
Tolerance: +/-1% to +/-5%

SMD Chip Resistor 0603

Our SMD Chip Resistor 0603 are excellent in quality and price.
Miniature and Light weight
Suit for reflow and wave flowsolder
Stable electrical capability. High reliability.
Low assembly cost, suit for automatic SMT equipment
Superior mechanical and frequency characteristics
RoHS compliant
Resistance 0~10M
Resistance Tolerance 1%, 5%, 10%
Rated Power 1/16W
Max. Working Voltage(V): 25V
Max. Overload Voltage: 50V
Risistance Range (1%): 100≤ R≤ 2.2M
Risistance Range(5%): 100≤ R≤ 2.2M 1.0≤ R<10
Termal Coefficient(PPM): ± 100. ± 200; +500~-250
Zero Resistor Max Current: 0.63

Surface Insulation Resistance

Also known as insulation resistance (IR) or moisture and insulation resistance (M&IR) testing, Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) testing is an industry-standard way of assessing the potential of a board to fail through corrosion and other processes associated with ionic contamination.We shall come across this test regularly throughout this module, for the reason that increases in leakage current can effect the operation of most circuitry, particularly as operating currents are generally moving downwards.
As described in Fluxes for soldering, SIR is used to evaluate fluxes and cleaning processes, but SIR is also used for evaluating board finishes. The mechanisms relating to the surface finish that can cause failure during the test reflect both the material choice and the process conditions, in particular any ionic contamination remaining after the plating process.
Traditionally, measurements are reported as insulation resistance (in ohms or Megohms) rather than as leakage current. This conversion is simple via Ohm’s Law, V = I x R, where V is the test voltage and I is the leakage current. The diagrams in Figure 9 show typical circuitry used to apply a 45–50VDC bias voltage and to measure the resistance with a reverse polarity 100VDC test voltage.
Although all these parameters will greatly influence the results, changes in SIR can be used validly to compare different processes by using repeatable settings which are representative of the application. Some tests may simulate equipment life, while other tests are carried out with a 100VDC test voltage and a 45–50VDC bias of reverse polarity, in an ambient with 90–98%RH (relative humidity), and at temperatures of 55ºC, 65ºC or 85ºC, to accelerate the ageing of samples. However, it is important to realise that an extreme environment may cause some surfaces to fail by mechanisms that do not apply under normal operating conditions.
Typical SIR test regimes will look for a minimum of 100MW insulation resistance, both at the outset and after a period of exposure to a defined combination of voltage, temperature and humidity. As with all humidity tests, accurate measurements in situ are difficult to make, and parts may be removed from the chamber for testing. Also, for higher levels of humidity, where water absorbed or condensed on the surface may affect the insulation resistance measurement, it is not uncommon to specify a defined period of ‘recovery’ after exposure and before retesting. Common cumulative exposure periods are one, four and 21 days, with specimens that have acceptable insulation resistances being returned to the chamber after each retest, if they have been removed for testing.

Organic Board Coatings

The term ‘organic board coatings’ covers two distinct types of coating. The first type, and the older of the two, is a relatively thick ‘varnish’ applied to the whole of a tin-lead finished board in order to preserve its wettability during storage. Remnants of the coating are generally removed by cleaning after soldering. [This type of coating must be distinguished from solder resist, a heat resistant organic coating, with openings at the solder lands, which is intentionally non-wettable by solder.]
The second type of organic coating, and by far the most common nowadays, is a vanishingly thin protective coating, applied just to the bare copper, which disappears during the actual soldering process.

Elecsound best electronic component-PCB

A PCB is a printed circuit board, also known as a printed wiring board. It is used in electronics to build electronic devices. A PCB serves two purposes in the construction of an electronic device; it is a place to mount the components and it provides the means of electrical connection between the components.
A PCB starts out as a thin, non-conducting sheet of material. The most common material used is a glass fiber epoxy laminate material. A thin layer of copper is then chemically deposited on each side of this material.
Our PCB factory is located in Fuyong Town, Shenzhen, with more than 300 workers and advanced equipment for printing circuit board. We are mainly focus in single layer board, 2 layers board, 4 layers board and 6 layers. Surface Treatment are HAL board, Gold-fingered board, blind buried Orifice board, high TG boards, aluminum based board, Immersion Tin board, Immersion Gold board and so on. Our lead time is only 7 to 10 days. All we need for a quote is the quantity you need and a Gerber file of your PCB. It’s fast and easy and the quality is great.

Single-side PCB to 8 Layers PCB

We are specialized in single-side PCB, double-side PCB, 4 layers PCB to 8 layers PCB with finish HAL, immersion Tin, Immersion gold, gold plated and Immersion Silver.   Email us your gerber and you will get the best service and best prices.

Single Layer PCB

Pls allow me to recommend our Single Layer PCB to you. we can offer reasonable prices, good quality and fast lead time. we can offer HAL, OSP and immersion gold and so on.  Rohs is valiable also. And pls note that we have no minimum quantity for PCBs,we can accept any quantity you need.The price will be competitive also. Here is the production discription.
PCB Materials: FR-4
Packing: Vacuum
PCB Layer Number: 1
Board thickness: 1.0-1.6mm, 1.6- mm
Copper clad: 10Z
Surface technique: Lead-free HASL; OSP; Gold plated PBF HAL
Minimum hole size: 0.40mm
Minimum Line/Space: 0.2mm/0.2mm (4mil/4mil)
Solder mask: White/Black/Green/Red/Yellow/Blue/Gray…
Forming: Punching/CNC Milling/CNC V-CUT
PCB Testing: E-testing; Flying probe testing
Lead Time: Sample 5-7days; Mass production 7-15days

3 Layers PCB

We can offer single-side, double-side, 4 layers to 8 layers,can make HAL, Gold plated, immersion gold, SMOBC. Our lead time is only 7 to 10 days.  All we need for a quote is  the quantity you need and a Gerber file of your PCB. Here is our 3 layers rigid flexible PCB. =

2-12 Layers PCB

As a manufacturer of PCBs, we can offer reasonable prices, good quality and fast lead time. we can offer 1 layer, two layers, 4 layers and 6 layers. and we can offer HAL, OSP and immersion gold and so on.  Rohs is valiable also. our lead time for 1 and 2 layers are 7 days. and 4 layers are 10–14 days. And pls note that we have no minimum quantity for PCBs,we can accept any quantity you need.The price will be competitive also.

1-30 Layer PCB

Now we have the hot offer as the hot weather.. that is our PCB products. Pls check the below unbelievable low prices but keep same high quality as usual. even for small qty we will keep the same unit price. Do you need order any pcb recently? Why not try Elecsound? I believe with same unit price you can’t get same quality from others.
1)layer: 1-30 layer
2)Material: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Hight TG, FR4 Halogen Free
3)Board thickness: 0.2mm-7mm
4)Max. Finished board side: 500mm*500mm
5)Min. Drilled hole size: 0.25mm
6)min. Line width: 0.075mm(3mil)
7)min. Line spaceing: 0.075mm(3mil)
8)Surface finish/treatment: HASL lead free, Chemical tin, Chemical Gold
9)Copper thickness: 0.5-4.0oz
10)Solder mask color: Green/black/white/red/blue/yellow
11)Inner packing: Vacuum packing, Plastic bag
12)Outer packing: Standard carton Packing
13)Hole tolerance: PTH: ± 0.076, NTPH: ± 0.05
14)Certificate: UL, ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS, CQC
15)profiling punching: Routing, V-CUT, Beveling
16)providing OEM service to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly


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