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Elecsound is a manufacturer of trimming potentiometers, pcbs, capacitors, leds and resistors


Our Chip Tantalum Capacitor are excellent in quality and price.
Capacitance 0.1pf~680uf
Rated Voltage Based on specific model
Operating Temperature -55 degree~125 degree
A case: 3216
B case: 3528
C case: 6032
D case: 7343
E case: 7343H
V case: 7361
Packing code: A: 7 inches. 13 inches
K: +/-10% M: +/-20%


Elecsound can offer tantalum capacitors with dipped type and SMD type. we offer very attractive prices for this. Here is our dipped type.

rocker switches


Looking for Switches?


Are you looking for Switches this year? We can offer Bottom Slide Switches, Detector Switches, Hook Switches, etc. as below. Pls refer to our website: http://www.elecsound.com/Switches/.  we have quite good prices with good quality.  Pls check some of the below prices for your reference. if you are interested in our products pls contact with us freely. Also if you would like to be our distributors for trimming potentiometers pls email back also.
Bottom Slide Switches
Detector Switches More
Hook Switches
Horizontal Slide Switch 
Leaf Switch 
Micro Switch 
Mini Slide Switch 
Multi Function Switch 
Plastic Push Switch  
Push Switch 
Rocker Switch 
Special Function Switch 
Tact Switch 
Toggle Switch 
Vertical Push Switch 
Vertical Slide Switch 


Slide Switch


Elecsound can offer switches as below: Tact switches, slide switches, push switches, micro switches, hook switches, leaf switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, DC power jacks, phone jacks, AC sockets, etc. Here is Slide Switch.
Slide Switch with PCB Board, Anti-flaming, Used in Air Condition and Cooker Hood
Key Specifications/Special Features:
With epoxy PCB board
Power supply:
2A current: 250V AC
10A current: 250V AC
6A current: 125V AC
Used in air condition and cooker hood


Elecsound can offer Snap-in, large size type of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor . pls check carefully for below series:

Horizontal Switch

Horizontal Slide Switch are widely used in A/V equipments, alarm equipments, digital cameras, DVs, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, electronic toys, study machines, computer equipments, auto electronic parts and more.
We have a strong and experienced engineer team and strictly follow ISO 9001: 2000, IS014001: 2004 and QC080000 principles to make sure every finished unit being defect-free and RoHS compliant. We inspect the materials and finished products during the whole process. Our test items include life test, insulated resistance test, contact resistance test, spring test, travel test, soldering test, withstanding high temperature test, salt-spray test. Furthermore, we have certified clean room to assemble the product, so that every unit comes out with high quality. As a result, we have maintained a zero product return rate.


We are the trusted name in electronic components . Our staff has over 10 years of experience with the best  manufactureres of  PCBs, Semiconductors, Ceramic Trimming Potentiometers,  Ranges of capacitors,  Leds, Zinc Oxide Varistors and resistors.Welcome to check our ET3309 9mm Trimming Potentiometer as below.


Elecsound can offer Snap-in, large size type of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor . pls check carefully for below series:


Elecsound is a very good supplier for led products. We offer a wide range for led lamps. Such as SMD led, Led bar, indoor led, outdoor led display and also high power led. Here is our 3.0 Elliptical LED as below.
LED Lamp
EDL1 3.0 Elliptical LED
EDL2 3mm Cylindrical LED
EDL3 3mm Round LED
EDL4 3mm Bi-Color LED
EDL5 3mm Super Flux LED
EDL6 5mm Round LED
EDL7 5mm Backlighting LED
EDL8 5mm Bullet Type LED
EDL9 5mm Strawhat Type LED
EDL10 5mm Helmet Type LED
EDL11 5mm Short Cylindrical
EDL12 5mm long Cylindrical
EDL13 5mm Elliptical LED
EDL14 5mm Blinking LED
EDL15 5mm Multi-Color LED
EDL16 5mm Bi-Color LED
EDL17 5mm Infrared LED
EDL18 5mm Super Flux LED
EDL19 8mm Round LED
EDL20 10mm Round LED
EDL21 Photo Diode LED
EDL22 Flat top Super Flux LED
EDL23 Tower Type LED
EDL24 2×5 Rectangular Type


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