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Elecsound is a manufacturer of trimming potentiometers, pcbs, capacitors, leds and resistors

3.0 Elliptical LED

Elecsound is a very good supplier for led products. We offer a wide range for led lamps. Such as SMD led, Led bar, indoor led, outdoor led display and also high power led. Here is our 3.0 Elliptical LED as below.
LED Lamp
EDL1 3.0 Elliptical LED
EDL2 3mm Cylindrical LED
EDL3 3mm Round LED
EDL4 3mm Bi-Color LED
EDL5 3mm Super Flux LED
EDL6 5mm Round LED
EDL7 5mm Backlighting LED
EDL8 5mm Bullet Type LED
EDL9 5mm Strawhat Type LED
EDL10 5mm Helmet Type LED
EDL11 5mm Short Cylindrical
EDL12 5mm long Cylindrical
EDL13 5mm Elliptical LED
EDL14 5mm Blinking LED
EDL15 5mm Multi-Color LED
EDL16 5mm Bi-Color LED
EDL17 5mm Infrared LED
EDL18 5mm Super Flux LED
EDL19 8mm Round LED
EDL20 10mm Round LED
EDL21 Photo Diode LED
EDL22 Flat top Super Flux LED
EDL23 Tower Type LED
EDL24 2×5 Rectangular Type 


There are two classes of resistors; fixed resistors and the variable resistors. They are also classified according to the material from which they are made. The typical resistor is made of either carbon film or metal film. There are other types as well, but these are the most common.Carbon film resistor is the most general purpose, cheap resistor. Usually the tolerance of the resistance value is ±5%. Power ratings of 1/8W, 1/4W and 1/2W are frequently used.Metal film resistors are used when a higher tolerance (more accurate value) is needed. They are much more accurate in value than carbon film resistors. They have about ±0.05% tolerance. They have about ±0.05 tolerance. The metal film resistor is used for bridge circuits, filter circuits, and low-noise analog signal circuits.

SMD resistor

SMD resistor is one kind of resistors which is rectangular in shape.They have metallised areas at either end of the body of the SMD resistor and this enables them to make contact with the printed circuit board through the solder.The resistor itself consists of a ceramic substrate and onto this is deposited a metal oxide film.The thickness,and the length of the actual film determines the resistance.As SMD resistors are manufactured using metal oxide,so they are quite stable and usually have a good tolerance.SMD resistors are suitable for compact circuit boards,and for automatic assembly techniques,but it also ahs the advantage that they perform well at radio frequencies. 

Chip resistor

A chip resistor is a very compact,surface mounted electronic component designed to offer a known resistance to any electrical current flowing through it.A mini resistor of this kind are designed to have the same physical characteristics or form factor as other surface mount devices (SMD) to conform to SMD circuit board geometry.It differs from conventional axial lead resistors in physical form only and fulfill the same functions in electronic circuits. Chip resistors are available in several package formats and with a range of specialist features.A typical chip resistor may include a small, rectangular supporting substrate on which a resistor layer having a required resistance is formed together with two terminal electrodes connected to the resistor layer.For protection of the resistor layer, a protective coating is formed on the substrate to cover the resistor layer.Chip resistors are generally produced by forming a resistive layer on the surface of an insulating substrate,providing electrodes at both ends of the resistive layer, and forming one or more protective films on the surface of the resistive layer. 

SMD resistor

Chip resistors are constructed with use of the thick film technique on a ceramic substrate.They have metallic areas on the narrow ends of the chip, which allows soldering. The resistive path is covered with a protective glaze. Chip resistors could be soldered with all common soldering techniques: reflow, wave and solder iron.SMD resistors are available as a chip or as a MELF.The most popular resistors case forms are 1206 and 0805.The rectangular chip forms are the same as for capacitors and could be processed by layout design, assembling and repair with the same rules.

Metal Film Fixed Resistors

We can offer below kinds of Resistors,if you are interested in,please email us for more details. I take our Metal Film Fixed Resistors as an example for your reference.
Metal Film Fixed Resistors
Low temperature coefficient, high precision, low noise and good frequency performance
Operating ambient temperature: -55 to +125′C
The resistor color is blue
We can according to the customers requirement to supply various tolerance(for example: ± 0.5%, ± 0.1%, ± 0.2%, ± 0.01%) and lower T. C. R (for example: 10, 15, 25ppm)


10mm Zinc Oxide Varistor Lead frer
5mm Varistor; 7mm Varistor; 10mm Varistor; 14mm Varistor; 20mm Varistor
With good reputation after almost 10 years, we established stable and good relationship with customers worldwide, such as Ukraine, Russia, Italy, USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, England, Turkey and so on. We make it easy to get the products you need. Can arrange for samples, manage bank transfers, and arrange fast and safe shipping.
Transistor, Diode, IC, Thyristor or diac semiconductor protection
Surge protection in consumer electronics
Surge protection in industrial electronics
Surge protection in electronic home appliance, gas and petroleum.
Relay and electromangnetic valve surge absorption

Fusible Metal Film Resistors

Elecsound is a manufacturer Resistor& Potentiometer & Varistor Resistor Lead free.Now there is one good offer-Fusible Metal Film Resistors (FMF).
Fusible Metal Film Resistors
I. Features:
1. Low temperature coefficient, high precision, low noise and good frequency performance.
2. Operating ambient temperature: -55degree celsius ~+125degree celsius
3. The resistor’s surface coats brick red.
II. Electrical Performance:
1. Temperature Coefficient: -350ppm/degree celsius ≤ a ≤+350ppm/degree celsius
2. Short time overload: ΔR≤=+/-1%(R0+0.05Ω)
3. Pulse overload: ΔR≤+/-(2% R0+0.05Ω)
4. Resistance to soldering heat: ΔR≤+/-(1%R0+0.05Ω)
5. Solderability: The area of soldering is over 95%
6. Temperature cycling: ΔR≤+/-( 1% R0+0.05Ω)
7. Load life in moisture: ΔR≤+/-(5% R0+0.1Ω)
8. Load life: ΔR≤+/-(2% R0+0.1Ω)
9. Nonflammability: No visible flame
10. Fusing characteristic It will fuse at satated time when it is applied multiple voltage on the rated power 

Cement Type Resistors

Elecsound can offer types of resistors. both SMD and axial and also dipped. we offer bulk pack.ammo pack and tape/reel
Cement type resistors
1. Low noise
2. Insulation fully can be used in P. C. B
3. Completely flameproof construction
4. Use fluting replaces wire wound, can manufacture the high resistance range.
5. Supper heat dissipation; Small linear temperature coefficient.
6. Instant overload capability; Without annual shift on resistance value.
1. Ceramic core(high conductivity)
2. Solder plated copper lead wire
3. Fire proof insulation cement.
4. Press-fitted end cap
5. Welding (long reliability guarantee)
6. Ceramic case.
7. Wirewound resistors
8. Fluting resistors
More models: 1w, 2W, 3W, 5w, 7w, 10w, 15w, 20w, 30w, 40w, 50w 

Wire Wound Type resistors

Elecsound can offer types of resistors. both SMD and axial and also dipped. we offer bulk pack.ammo pack and tape/reel

Wire Wound Non-Inductive Type resistors
1, Good heat-durability, low temperature coefficient, low noise, high overload power.
2, Operating ambient temperature: -55`C to +275`C.
3, Surface is nonflammable, the 1/4-6W coating is gray white and indicate the resistance value by color ring, indicate a green ring at the behind of the precision color ring, the 7W or over will indicate the resistance value by lettering and coating is green.
4, Resistance tolerance: ± 1%, ± 2%, ± 5%, ± 10%.
Power: 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W, 5W, 6W, 7W, 8W, 10W
Tolerance: ± 1%, ± 2%, ± 5%, ± 10%.
Range: 0R01-100R


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